Purim and Hamantash Cookies

Interesting. I din’t know.

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I love it when I hear of a new food item. New to me, at least. Hamantash Cookies is just that. Thanks to my friend Joe Levitch for mentioning them. An so I search.
Hamantash cookies are associated with the Jewish Festival Purim. The Purim cookie is, “… all associated with the Purim story involving a bad guy name Haman, a Jewish lady named Esther, and her victory over his plot to destroy the Jewish People. The cookie is shaped to resemble the three corners of Haman’s hat. Purim is the name of the festival and both Hamantaschen and Oznei Haman are derived from his name.” [Veenaazmanov]
Jelly Filled Hamantash Cookies for Purim And from the NY Times, “Early versions of the cookies were more commonly known as oznei Haman, meaning “Haman’s ears.” The late Jewish food historian Gil Marks’ Encyclopedia of Jewish Food traces that phrase —…

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Fasnacht Day is Here!

Ahhh yes! Fasnacht Day is here!

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What? Never heard of them …. Until now! Delicious.
“Fastnacht Day: Pennsylvania Dutch doughnuts mark the beginning of Lent
It’s Fastnacht Day, also known as Fat Tuesday. Traditionally, fastnachts were made by Pennsylvania Dutch housewives on
Fat Tuesday to use up all the fat in the house before Lent. “Fastnacht”
is a German word meaning “night before the fast.”
The heavy yeast-raised doughnuts are as much a part of the central Pennsylvania food landscape as chicken and waffles and whoopie pies. Wise fastnacht lovers placed their orders ahead of time. Others better hurry. The treats have been known to sell out quickly at churches, bakeries and supermarkets.
Some places to buy them: (All in Pennsylvania)
Dingeldein Bakery, 316 Bridge St., New Cumberland: 717-770-0466.
Pennsylvania Bakery, 1713 Market St., Camp Hill: 717-763-7755.
Prince of Peace Parish, 815 S. Second St., Steelton: 717-985-1330.
Schenk’s Bakery, 1023 N. Mountain Road, Lower Paxton Twp.:…

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10 Items to have In Your Kitchen and How To Make Gravy

Good resource here!

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As many of you know, I have a lot of resources that I use in this blog – recipes, suggestions, food items, kitchen products, etc. Here is a list of ten items that I always have in my kitchen. This list comes from My Recipes

  • Onion
    White, yellow, or Vidalia, I’ll always have one kicking around. I caramelize them for tarts, build massive pots of black and white beans around them, and throw them into guacamole.
  • Garlic
    Like ebony and ivory, these two (of course!) go together. I love to roast the whole head and use the sweet, smashed cloves on bread or spun into pasta. And in the event that I made too much pasta, I’ll sauté a small smashed clove in butter or olive oil the next day, discarding the clove and tossing leftover noodles quickly in the infused oil, then dolloping the whole shebang with crème fraîche.

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7 Tips for Cooking At Home

Good information and recipe!

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There are many times when I get ideas/suggestions from the food blogs that I subscribe to. One such reference is Foodie Crush. Recently they offered suggestions on tips to make superb meals at home. (It’s not difficult!)
I will list the headings here and then you can read the entire – it’s not long – article by using the link above, “7 Easy Tips to Cook More at Home“. Enjoy!

  1. Start with favorite recipes and organize your list.
  2. Prep ahead of time.
  3. Keep staples stocked.
  4. Whip up one-sheet or one-pot meals.
  5. Host more dinner parties.
  6. Invest in equipment you’ll love and use.
  7. Make now, freeze for later.

And then try this recipe adapted from Chef Jacques Pépin. Great for Valentines Dinner coming up.

Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce

Source: adapted from Chef Jacques Pépin
Active Time: 1 hr
Total Time: 2 hr 40 min
Serves: 4

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Air Fryer Cooking Times, Re-Visited

Good information and resource for the Air Fryer and Instant Pot.

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I keep getting new and up-dated information for Air Fryer cooking times. Here are two more such information sheets that you can printout and post by your Air Fryer. Left-Click any of these graphics to see them enlarged.

And here is a PDF file for Air Fryer cooking times for frozen foods. Fork-To-Spoon-Freezing-Cooking-Times

And check this info out. 10 companies that control our food supply.

Fork To Spoon is a superb resource site that has many recipes for the Air fryer and Instant Pot, and a lot of resource information.

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Aebleskiver. What?

Aebleskivers and polenta. Yummers!

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OK. What is an Aebleskiver?

Aebleskivers are a type of pancake cooked in a special stove-top pan with half-spherical molds. The center is soft and fluffy, almost creamy. The crust is crisp and browned. In Denmark, aebleskivers are traditionally plated in threes, dusted with powdered sugar, topped or filled with tart jams of Nordic berries and served with mellow Scandinavian coffee. There, aebleskivers ( may be pronounced as “eb-el-ski-ver” , “a-bla-ski-va”, “eb-el-sku-wyr” , “ebb-ull-skee-vers” or “able-skEEvers”) have typically not been served in restaurants or for breakfast, but rather at the family table for afternoon coffee breaks. On long and cold Nordic winter evenings, they are served with glögg. In the wintertime, aebleskivers are often sold by street vendors. A symbol of community and hospitality, they are very popular at Scandinavian charity and open-air events.
​ There are many recipes for the batter, but they generally fall into two categories:…

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