Does Diet Effect “The Heartbreak of Psoriasis”?

21sept2013_2_robins-bday-captains-shack_gumbo_getting-happyAnd Robin has it and the infection drives her “nuts” sometimes! But she located this interesting article from Embrel, Psoriasis – Your Condition. “Plaque Psoriasis Is an Immune Disease; Treat It From Within.” In other words, modify your diet. Key word: Modify, Not eliminate. And do it slowly; One food group at a time or item within the food group; Not all at once. Looks like we will return to our high seafood diet and chicken diet, at least for a while. The last paragraph in this article is important and something to remember. And to let you know, we do not eat a lot of “Junk Food”. Maybe a burger once a month – Maybe! Here is part of an article from Embrel Do enjoy the information. If you have psoriasis, it might be worth a try. Good luck and Stop Scratching! (My Dad always said, “Home is where you can scratch where it itches!”)

Your Personal Elimination Psoriasis Diet

Here are eight foods and beverages that get mentioned often by people as possibly causing their psoriasis flare-ups. You might consider cutting them out of your diet one at a time to see if any have an effect on your symptoms:
Alcohol. “First and foremost, stop drinking,” Bagel says. Here’s why: Alcohol opens the blood vessels in the skin. When your blood vessels are dilated, white blood cells, including the T cells that are believed to be responsible for psoriasis, can sneak into the outer layers of your skin more easily — and you don’t need to be inviting more T cells. “Your psoriasis symptoms may worsen even if you’re a light-to-moderate alcohol user,” warns Chelsea Marie Warren, RD, a dietitian and certified wellness coach in Portland, Ore.
Junk foods. Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition. Junk foods tend to be high in saturated and trans fats and refined starches and sugars, all of which can promote inflammation. Another reason to avoid junk foods is that that they are high in calories with little nutritional value, and people with psoriasis often have weight problems. “If you have psoriasis, you have an increased risk of heart and vascular diseases,” Bagel says. “Being overweight adds to that risk.”
Red meat. Red meats contain a polyunsaturated fat called arachidonic acid. “This type of fat can worsen psoriasis symptoms because it can easily be converted into inflammatory compounds,” Warren says. Also include on your foods-to-avoid list: processed meats such as sausage and bacon.
Dairy products. Like red meat, dairy products contain the natural inflammatory arachidonic acid. “Cow’s milk is one of the biggest culprits,” Bagel says, because it also contains the protein casein, which has been linked to inflammation. Egg yolks, too, are high in arachidonic acid, so consider nixing them from your diet.
Nightshade plants. Some people report that consuming plants from the “nightshade family” — which includes peppers, white potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes — exacerbates their psoriasis. These vegetables contain solanine, a chemical compound that has been shown to trigger pain in some people. “Certain patients believe that if you avoid these vegetables, you decrease your symptoms,” Bagel says. “I’m not so sure about that, but I’m not opposed to people trying it.”
Citrus fruits. Sometimes, an allergic reaction can cause psoriasis to flare. Citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes, are a common allergen. See if eliminating them from your diet improves your skin. This prohibition includes their derivatives as well, such as lemonade or grapefruit juice.
Gluten. Gluten is a protein found in some grass-related grains, including rye, wheat, and barley. Researchers in Portugal found that psoriasis symptoms in some people with a gluten sensitivity improved after they avoided gluten in their diets. Studies are ongoing, but the idea of psoriasis patients benefitting from a gluten-free diet is still controversial, Bagel says. Even if it works, he adds, it’s not an easy diet to follow.
Condiments. Some people with psoriasis find condiments and spices to be their enemy. The ones that seem to cause the most trouble for people with psoriasis are pimento, cinnamon, curry, vinegar, mayo, paprika, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup. They’re on the no-no list because substances in these condiments can increase inflammation.
Although research has yet to confirm a direct link between what you eat and psoriasis flare-ups, you might find that your condition improves when you avoid one or more of these foods. Be sure to share what you discover with your doctor so you don’t miss out on any important nutrients.”

Da Vinci’s Italian in Eagle, ID

05Feb2015_1a_DaVincis-Eagle_SignOverall, a good visit and meal at da Vinci’s Italian in Eagle, ID last night. Overall good flavors in the food and good wines. My only negative comment is that there seemed to be an overuse of salt. Things were salty. But the layers of flavors – after you got by the salt – were very good. Had it not been for the overuse of salt, we would have rated da Vinci’s a 4-Star restaurant. Instead, we rate this as a 3-Star (out of 5-Stars) restaurant. You can see their menu at Yelp. From their website, “All Full Size Entrees Include Our Bottomless House Salad Bowl With Da Vinci’s Homemade Italian Dressing And Freshly Baked Tuscan Bread, Or Substitute A Caesar Salad For An Additional $2.95.all Chicken And Veal Dishes Are Complemented With A Side Of Angel Hair Pasta With Aglio Olio Or Tuscan Tomato Sauce. Add Extra Chicken $2.50 Add Extra Veal $4.50” Here are some photos from the evening. Enjoy!

The "party" area.
The “party” area.
Art on the walls.
Art on the walls.
Table ambiance.
Table ambiance.
Robin had
Robin had,

Veal Piccata
Veal scaloppini sauteed with lemon, white wine, capers and garlic

Bob had -
Bob had –

Veal Marsala
Veal scaloppini sauteed with sweet marsala wine and mushrooms

The 2010 Terra Nativa Cabernet Sauvignon went very well with this veal. The wine was light enough that it did not overpower the subtlety of the veal and the marsala sauce did not interfere with the wine. Good paring.

We shared -
We shared –

Homemade Tiramisu
Coffee and rum-soaked chocolate sponge cake layered with mascarpone cream, dusted with cocoa, and garnished with chocolate pieces