Cloud 9 Nano Brewery, Boise

Oh yes! Another delightful visit to the Cloud 9 Nano Brewery and Pub at 1750 W State St, Boise, ID 83702, Hours: Open 11am, Closes 9pm. Phone: (208) 336-0681. From their website Cloud 9 Nano Brewery and Pub, “Founded in 2012, Cloud 9 Brewery is a nanopub concept featuring locally sourced and organic components in both the brewery and restaurant.
With an emphasis on creative brewing, Cloud 9 is situated in a unique place in the market. Instead of having the exact same line-up from month to month, the beers on-tap at Cloud 9 change as soon as the last drop from the previous batch has been poured. With so many taps, and only 6 year-round beers, the variety is truly amazing.
Cloud 9 also features a unique feedback process by which we judge what beer-drinkers actually think. We collate and analyze the input and use that to shape the direction of the next batch. In this way the community is involved in the brewing process from concept to the final foamy pint.
A commitment to quality, service and genuine interest in our community make Cloud 9 Brewery the place for beer aficionados, foodies, and everyone who enjoys fresh and unique culinary creations.” Their menu is local and diverse.” We use Natural Idaho meats from local ranches, free of antibiotics, hormones and stimulants. Our produce is locally sourced from small farms in Idaho, when possible, and we strive to use only spray free and/or organic ingredients.
For our current menu, Cloud 9 Current Menu. Updated August 8th, 2018.
The service is very good and very helpful. I asked for fries without salt, and our Waitress made sure they came that way. She was friendly and helpful and exacting. Cloud 9 is definitely a 5-Star pub/bistro. Here is what we had. Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged.

Today’s beer menu. I had a Fallen IPA and Robin had a Honey Basil Ale. Both were superb!
(L) Fallen IPA, (R) Honey Basil Ale (A Cloud 9 favorite!)

(Grass fed organic ground beef, lettuce, tomato and pickles,
choice of Ballard cheeses: Swiss, Pepper Jack, Cheddar or
Blue. Served on a BigWood bun with choice of side.

Menu Special
Cloud 9 Cheese Steak
(These are the French Fries I asked for No Salt.)

Cloud 9 Cheese Steak cut.


03Jan2015_1d__Captains-Shack_Robin-Bronco-HatRobin has made some awesome “tailgate” food in the past several days. Here is the Tiramisu recipe from Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network. Raspberry Tiramisu. The photo here is Robin wearing her new BSU Bronco hat! You can Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged. Enjoy!

Robin constructing the tiramisu.
Robin constructing the tiramisu.
Completed tiramisu.
Completed tiramisu.
Want a slice? Left-Click to enlarge.
Want a slice? Left-Click to enlarge.
Black Bean, Corn and Avocado Salad. Another yum offering.
Black Bean, Corn, Chicken and Avocado Salad. Another yum offering.
Egg Salad on Sourdough with Water Cress. Corn, Chicken, Avocado and Black Bean Salad.
Egg Salad on Sourdough with Water Cress. Corn, Chicken, Avocado and Black Bean Salad. The Acme Bake Shop Sourdough was not available at the COOP when I went there, so I tried the Bigwood Bread Sourdough out of Sun Valley. This sourdough was a lot denser than the Acme sourdough. Not bad, but I prefer Acme Bake Shop. Hard to overcome that bias! Just a personal preference.