How to Store Potatoes

Good information about potatoes. Enjoy!!

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Here is a great tip for storing potatoes from This is some really good information. Enjoy!

How Do You Know When a Potato Is Past Its Prime?
Good potatoes are firm, smooth, and sprout-free.

You can tell a potato is spoiled when it is:
Growing mold
Sprouts, or “eyes,” are an indication that your potato is reaching the end of its life. However, they’re not harmful and can be simply removed before cooking. As long as the potato looks, smells, and feels right, sprouts are no biggie.

How to Store Potatoes
1. Keep them in a cool place…
Raw potatoes will thrive in a cool, dark place. The ideal temperature range is 43-50°, which is slightly above refrigerator temp. During cooler months, storing potatoes in an unheated basement or an insulated shed is a great idea. It’s a bit tougher to store potatoes in the summertime…

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