Christmas Season 2018 with Marnie and Friends!

Awesome parties and food!

Our Retirement In Idaho

Such a super time with family and friends. And all at the beautiful Marnie’s Pond in Marsing, ID. Thank you Marnie, for hosting these events. And thank you to everyone who attended the events – The Cookie Swap and the Christmas Day Dinner. And to come – the New Years Day Celebration! So many parties and so little time. Marsing and the Snake River with Lizard Butte in the background, is beautiful!
The cookie swap was a great and full fullfilling event. Here are some of the cookies.

Eric, Marnie and Lola

And then there was dinner and a 5 Hour Duck with a superb Montmorency Cherry Sauce, with some fresh rosemary added! Good wine, champagne and Chocolate Mousse! Check this out.

Eric, Marnie and Lola!

New Christmas sweater.



Eric and Lola

5 Hour Duck! Delicious.

Dinner plated – Duck, Wild Rice and Fresh Salad (thanks, Myra!)

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