“State and Lemp” – Awesome

An exceptional 5-Star restaurant in Boise. It is a “Special Occasion” restaurant. Date night!

Boise Foodie Guild

16July2015_1c_State-And-Lemp_Wall-ArtI could, and probably should, fill up this page with the word awesome, but that would be boring! If you are in Boise and have been here while, do you remember Andrae’s? That definitely was a 5-Star restaurant. And so is State and Lemp. It is every bit as good as Andrea’s was; If not better. But I can only give 5-Stars and State and Lemp earned every one of those stars. From the local art on the wall, as pictured here, to the outstanding service. Also outstanding was the plating of the different food offerings. We eat with our eyes first, and as you will see, the presentations were super good! The seating is limited to about 28 people, so call for a reservation. We did like the way they have the tables set, it gave us time to chat with our table “neighbors”. Here are…

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