Highlands Hollow Brewhouse








Highlands Hollow Brewhouse, formerly known as Harrison Hollow, was thee site of a Meet-Up group tonight. We only ordered appetizers, namely the Loaded Fries, which are really loaded, and the Black Bean Nachos which were very good! Both are pictured below. We also had a beer sampler of 10 samples. Personally, I liked the Doolie’s best. To copy from their menu, “Doolie’s is a dark ale with ruby overtones which show up if you hold it to the light. A slightly roasted flavor profile and the darker color comes from the use of three different specialty malts that are roasted in varying degrees, to stringent specifications.” The food was good, understanding that it was Happy Hour Fare and the service was good. It would be interesting to order something from their main menu. The food and the sampler that we got was $22.00 for the two of us. They have a full menu of salads, pasta, a variation of entrees, vegetarian, sandwiches burgers and desserts. Our visit here was good and we will probably return. Where 10 Barrel and Table Rock are 5-Star pubs, Highlands Hollow is a 4-Star pub. Enjoy the photos.








Black Bean Nachos
Black Bean Nachos
Loaded Fries
Loaded Fries

The sizes of these two appetizers is really quite large. We probably could have had just one between the two of us and shared it. Visit their website at Highlands Hollow Brewhouse.

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