BRJ Distributing Trade Tasting

On October 29, Robin and I attended the BRJ Distributing Co. – Fine Wines/Beer Annual Trade Tasting show here in Boise. There were 29 wineries from all around the Northwest represented. BRJ Distributors represent these wineries here in Boise. The house was packed. The wines were flowing with 1-2 oz pours and the food to accompany the wines was super. We got to try some wines from several different wineries. As for our choices: (1) Aerovin and Mionetto Besitos Valencia Moscato – at $6.29 this was a very smooth and fruity moscato. (2) O’Neil Vintners and Distillers Allegro Moscato (Italy) – still very inexpensive at $7.59. (3) Latah Creek Muscat Canelli – $7.80. Question is: Was sugar added? And there were some others that were super. Saviah CellarsWalla Walla Petit Verdot was awesome. It was big and bold. But my benchmark is Indian Creek Petit Verdot. The Saviah Cellars is pushing  the benchmark and if you can, purchase some of the Walla Walla Petit Verdot. They also had a good Cabernet Franc. Renwood Winery poured a Clarion Amador County Zinfandel and a Reserve Dry Creek Zinfandel that were both very good. I prefered the Dry Creek, though. We also tried some Mollydooker Wines. Their Maitre D’ was high in alcohol and goes for $17.89. But their Gigglepot ($35.00) was their best, even out doing their top of the line at $63.00 Carnival of Love, which really should be laid down for 5 years or so. Maybe a good investment for someone.
So there you have some of the wines that we tried. Now here are some photos of the event. Be sure to Left-Click the photos to see full screen. Enjoy.

Paul Colwell of BRJ. Love his purple shirt.
Jerri Nelson (Idaho Hotel, Silver City, ID), Jeff Peda (Renwood Winery) and Denise Musick (Saviah Cellars)
Denise Musick of Saviah Cellars pours for a taster.

Some of the food to accompany the wines. Wines are meant to be served with food and this food was delicious!
Check out those shrimp!
Robin studies the wine that the venders pour.
It was a full house and everyone seemed to enjoy the wines, the discussions and the food. Thank-You BRJ Distributing!

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