Ed Wilsey – A Superb Friend

An outstanding Friend. RIP Ed.

Boise Foodie Guild

In Remembrance of Ed Wilsey

Ed Wilsey passed away this morning, leaving an empty spot in our hearts and a big hat to fill.

Ed was a founding board member and was instrumental in the formation of the Boise Farmers Market. Due, in part, to his efforts and his big personality, the Market is a Saturday fixture in downtown Boise and a routine stop for thousands of Boise shoppers each week.

Through his outspoken and genial nature, Ed was an eloquent spokesman for the land and the people who work it. He was able to “talk up a storm” about cattle and ranching, and through his enthusiasm, created a community conversation about the importance of our food, where it comes from and the people who produce it.

Ed was a true spokesman for bridging the divide between our rural and urban communities, and he was our good friend. We will…

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It’s That Time of Year ……….

Interesting and eye candy information!

Boise Foodie Guild

No. It’s not Christmas! It’s Spring. Time to eat what is in your garden. Edible flowers and the most popular are pansys and nasturtium. Here are two photos that I took – one of a potato salad and the other of crab cakes. You eat with your eyes first, so make an impression. But remember – Never Serve Anything on a Plate That You Cannot Eat! If you don’t know if it is edible, Do Not Serve It!

Edible Pansy in a Potato Salad

CS Crab Cakes, Asian Salad with edible Pansy

Edible flowers are flowers that can be consumed safely. Flowers may be eaten as vegetables as a main part of a meal, or may be used as herbs. Flowers are part of many regional cuisines, including Asian, European, and Middle Eastern cuisines … With their powerful and unique flavors, textures and colors, edible flowers have gained popularity as…

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Snake River AVA mentioned at PureWow

Robin found this article at PureWow (PureWow Link) this morning. What they fail to mention are that some of the wineries have bistros and there are BnB’s available. Here, though, is the article. Cheers!

We’re calling it: This region is the next must-visit wine destination in the U.S. Spanning Idaho and Oregon, the bucolic plain is home to some super cool, young winemakers. The varied soil and microclimates allow growers to experiment with everything from Cab Sauvignon to classic Rhone varietals like Syrah and Grenache. Some wineries have even gone urban, clustering a few minutes from downtown Boise. Brb, we’re checking flights.

Old World vs New World Wines

It’s going to be a good one! See you there.

Treasure Valley Wine Society

Coming to the TVWS Wine Buffet on May 9th, Old World vs New World Wines.

NOTICE:The board of directors has unnamioulsy passed a resolution that there be no outside alcohol brought in by members at this and future tasting events. This is both for insurance liability purposes and to pay proper respect to the presenters and the wines being presented.

Our theme this month is an intriguing one: comparing differences between the same varietals made in the Old World (Europe) as opposed to the New World (in this case, the US). Differences in soil, climate, vineyard management, and winemaking styles often result in noticable differences in the wines.

Select members of the board will lead us in side by side comparisons of Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The results should be very interesting: differences in many nose and palate elements should be evident. Call this the new…

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TVWS Goes to Northern Italy for Wine

Wines of Italy and Buffet.

Treasure Valley Wine Society

A huge thank-you to Carl Abrahamson for a superb wine tasting. The information that was presented was well delivered and well thought out. The wines that Carl presented were well pared with the Italian themed buffet.
And just at my personal comment, I thought this was, with the exception of the roasted duck we had, one of the better buffets we have had. The kitchen really tried hard to offer good food and they succeed. Everything with very well with the wines. Below you will find the menu and the wines that were offered with the meal. Hope to see you at the next wine buffet, each 2nd Wednesday of the month except for August. Cheers! Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged.

Wines of Northern Italy

Italian Buffet Menu

Northern Italy Wine Area

Some of the 60+ folks who were there.



Salad Bowl

Salad Plate

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TVWS Pinot Noirs

Yum Pinot Noirs at the TVWS!

Treasure Valley Wine Society

This was a super tasting and buffet for 50+ people! And as Garry Scholz, President of the TVWS, said, “I thought the food last night was great and Gail should let Aaron know (although the cheese platter ran out but we did have lots of salmon). The duck was awesome and paired really well with the Pinots. I also liked the room setup which provided more space for moving around. The servers were timely and efficient as well.” Yes, the duck was superb. Fork tender and delicious in the port sauce.
Garry led the discussion and presented 6 Pinot Noirs. There was one 2016, one 20115 and the rest were 2014. A really good 2016 Sanford Rosé from Santa Rosa Hills was served with the appetizers. And personally, I liked the 2014 DeLoach Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley the best. If you look at TVWS Pinot Noir Menu

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