7 Tips for Cooking At Home

Good information and recipe!

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There are many times when I get ideas/suggestions from the food blogs that I subscribe to. One such reference is Foodie Crush. Recently they offered suggestions on tips to make superb meals at home. (It’s not difficult!)
I will list the headings here and then you can read the entire – it’s not long – article by using the link above, “7 Easy Tips to Cook More at Home“. Enjoy!

  1. Start with favorite recipes and organize your list.
  2. Prep ahead of time.
  3. Keep staples stocked.
  4. Whip up one-sheet or one-pot meals.
  5. Host more dinner parties.
  6. Invest in equipment you’ll love and use.
  7. Make now, freeze for later.

And then try this recipe adapted from Chef Jacques Pépin. Great for Valentines Dinner coming up.

Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce

Source: adapted from Chef Jacques Pépin
Active Time: 1 hr
Total Time: 2 hr 40 min
Serves: 4

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Air Fryer Cooking Times, Re-Visited

Good information and resource for the Air Fryer and Instant Pot.

Boise Foodie Guild

I keep getting new and up-dated information for Air Fryer cooking times. Here are two more such information sheets that you can printout and post by your Air Fryer. Left-Click any of these graphics to see them enlarged.

And here is a PDF file for Air Fryer cooking times for frozen foods. Fork-To-Spoon-Freezing-Cooking-Times

And check this info out. 10 companies that control our food supply.

Fork To Spoon is a superb resource site that has many recipes for the Air fryer and Instant Pot, and a lot of resource information.

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Aebleskiver. What?

Aebleskivers and polenta. Yummers!

Boise Foodie Guild

OK. What is an Aebleskiver?

Aebleskivers are a type of pancake cooked in a special stove-top pan with half-spherical molds. The center is soft and fluffy, almost creamy. The crust is crisp and browned. In Denmark, aebleskivers are traditionally plated in threes, dusted with powdered sugar, topped or filled with tart jams of Nordic berries and served with mellow Scandinavian coffee. There, aebleskivers ( may be pronounced as “eb-el-ski-ver” , “a-bla-ski-va”, “eb-el-sku-wyr” , “ebb-ull-skee-vers” or “able-skEEvers”) have typically not been served in restaurants or for breakfast, but rather at the family table for afternoon coffee breaks. On long and cold Nordic winter evenings, they are served with glögg. In the wintertime, aebleskivers are often sold by street vendors. A symbol of community and hospitality, they are very popular at Scandinavian charity and open-air events.
​ There are many recipes for the batter, but they generally fall into two categories:…

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It’s A New Decade!

Thank You for a great 2019. Now for 2020!

Boise Foodie Guild

Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!
bliadhna mhath ùr
Happy New Year!
(Air Fryer Meatloaf)

Thank-You to all of the 195,390 people who read the blog! It really has been an incredible 2019 and it could not have worked without YOU! Have a great 2020 and new decade.

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Awesome Meal At Parma Ridge Winery and Bistro …. Again!

Superb 5-Star bistro!

Boise Foodie Guild

Always good food! And good wine! And good visits. But then, I am extremely biased. Definitely a solid 5-Star restaurant and superb Wait Staff. You can always see what they are doing by looking at – and following – Snake River AVA Happenings and their page Parma Ridge Winery and Bistro Information. It is a good idea, and sometimes extremely necessary, Sunday brunch for example, to make reservations. Parma Ridge Winery, 24509 Rudd Road, Parma ID, 83660. 208-946-5187. Here is their website: www.parmaridge.wine. So what did we have for dinner? (Left-Click aany of these photos to see them enlarged.)

Robin enjoys the Bistro

Wonderful, fresh made Cream of Mushroom Soup. They also have Storm’s Northwest Clam Chowder which is super!

We also tried Chicken Tortilla Soup, which is not on the menu yet.

Robin had the Filet Mignon, which was awesome.

I had the Ribeye…

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Thank You BFM Vendors!

Thank-You Boise Farmers Market (BFM) vendors! It was a great season. See you April 4, 2020!

Boise Foodie Guild

It isn’t often that we stop and think where our dinner tables would be without our local farmers! No. Produce and meats do not magically appear on our grocery store shelves. It must be produced and cared for by farmers. And in Boise, we are very lucky and honored to have some fantastic local farmers that bring their wears each week to us for our enjoyment and health. To you – Thank-You! Now to go into withdrawal until April 4, 2020. Here are some of the vendors who provided Robin and I with some awesome products.

Overall Market.

Available vegetables

Available Vegetables

Thank-You to-

Malheur River Meats
Eggs and Pork

Meadowlark Farms
Eggs and Lamb

Acme Bakeshop
Bread – Sourdough, Old World Rye, Whole Grain – Danish, Pantone

Gaston’s Bakery
Ham and Cheese Croissant

Brown’s Buffalo Ranch

Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef

Purple Sage Farms
Vegetables, Greens and…

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